The Culling Wiki

Traps are items in The Culling contestants can setup to harm or delay opponents when they touch the trap. Traps are neither triggered by the player who placed them nor their ally when playing in team-mode. However, they can be avoided by crouching over them. Some traps effects are delivered through trap-specific wounds.

If a player is careful when approaching to an enemy trap he can disarm and place it wherever he wants to damage others, including his previous owner.

List of traps[]

Currently, there are 4 different traps in the game.

Name Damage FUNC Value Wounds Wound intensity
Caltrops N/A 3 Cripple, Bleed *,*
Punji Sticks 10 3 Sickness, Cripple *,*
Crafted Snare 10 4 Snare *
Steel Snare 25 12 Snare **