The Culling Wiki

This page is meant to keep track of the standards for editing that are used on the wiki and to show how things specifically on The Culling Wiki are done. These guidelines are just general instructions that will help to keep things consistent along the wiki and make it easier for all of us to maintain this site as a reliable source of the Culling information. While we strongly encourage everyone to follow these guidelines, it is okay if your guide/edit doesn't follow these guidelines to a T; however if your content doesn't follow the guidelines at all, it will be either edited to follow them or even removed entirely. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these standards, feel free to contact an admin about them. As The Culling Wiki is made for and by players, everyone is welcome and encouraged to create and edit pages here. If you find something is missing, wrong or you just want add your bit and help our community feel free to write your own contents or edit any existing one.

General Guidelines


  • Keep in mind that this wiki is about The Culling and unrelated content will be considered span and removed as soon as possible.
  • Try to be as objective as possible when editing any non-talk page.


  • Titles should be capitalized similar to how you would capitalize the title to an essay (Note: if your title is only one word, no capitalization is needed since Gamepedia does this automatically).
  • If your title has multiple words, it is also strongly recommended that you create a redirect page with all lowercase letters. This will prevent confusion among other users, and will allow more people to visit your page.
  • Titles should be in their singular form. A redirect from the plural version to the singular is strongly recommended to allow users to easily link to your page from their own articles.


  • Categorizing your page is not required, but is strongly recommended. It will give other users an easier browsing experience, as well as allowing more people to visit your page.
  • Category titles should be in their plural forms.
  • Pages can belong to multiple categories, if applicable.
  • In The Culling Wiki, templates are used to show information about some in-game features (such as weapon stats) in infoboxes placed on the right of the page. Some of these templates also add the page to their matching categories, so using them is an easy way to automatically categorize your page, all the while making your page look nicer (Note: keep in mind that if you are placing templates in a page they are not intended to be used on, you can accidentally add your page to the wrong category. To avoid this you can always read the template documentation to know to which categories that it places your page in). You can read more about them in the Templates section at the bottom of this page.

Edit Summary

  • It's strongly recommended for all edits to be summarized once you save your edit. This helps other users to see the evolution of the page, as well as helping admins make sure that the wiki is running smoothly. Doing this is especially recommended when:
    • Making huge changes.
    • Removing other user's content. An explanation of why that content was removed would be great.
    • When editing a template.
  • When creating a new page from scratch, there is not need to provide summary. The default one is more than enough.


  • Categorization is a tool used to sort pages based on what their content is about. You can view a full list of categories here.
  • For example: Articles about in-game items should belong to Category:Items. They should also belong to applicable subcategories. This goes for not just Category:Items, but every category on the wiki.
  • Some infobox templates automatically assign categories to your page when they are used. You can read more about them in the Templates section at the bottom of this page.