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This template creates an infobox for a weapon. Pages with this template will automatically belong to Category:Weapons and Category:Items.

If a type is set the page will also belong to its corresponding Category:Weapon types subcategory or to Category:Weapons without type if not set.


{{Weapon infobox
  |name=name of the object (optional if it's the same as the page name)
  |damage=damage amount (optional)
  |throwdamage=throw damage amount(optional)
  |maxammo=maximum ammunition (optional)
  |type=type of weapon (optional)
  |wound=wound type applied by weapon (optional)
  |speedrating=speed rating (optional)
  |woundintensity=wound intensity (optional)
  |tier=tier number (optional)
  |sellprice=recycle price (optional)
  |desc=description (optional)
  |image1=filename of the first image to display as a thumb beneath the infobox and ad (image2 through image9 are also available)
  |caption1=caption for the first image (caption2 through caption9 are also available)