Recurve Bow
Damage 8-16
Maximum Ammunition 18
Type Bow
Wound N/A
Speed Rating N/A
Wound Intensity N/A
Tier 2
Recycles for 20

The Recurve Bow is a ranged bow in The Culling. While it is not as powerful as its big brother the Compound Bow, it can still keep up with it and deal large amounts of damage. However, damage taken from Recurve Bow can be reduced by 50% by blocking. Like the other bows, drawing an arrow with the recurve bow uses stamina. An additional 6 arrows can be crafted with a branch for 5 F.U.N.C., and it can hold 18 arrows in total.

The Recurve Bow can be found in Early-game ranged airdrops and item crates.

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