The Culling Wiki

The Man Tracker is a utility item which locates the nearest opponent to the player, showing their direction and distance (up to 99 meters apart). It however does not track contestants that have perk Inhuman. It also will not track your teammate if you have one. While tracking an opponent, the tracker will have a colored display: a green arrow signifies that the opponent is in safe range, yellow signifies that the opponent is within an unsafe distance, and red signifies that the opponent is dangerously close to you. The man tracker will also emit a noticeable beeping, which can be heard by enemy players. This beeping will accelerate in rhythm the closer your opponent gets to you. Man Tracker is given at the start of the match to the player that have Man Tracker perk.

The Man Tracker can be found in the Tracker airdrop, as well as in lockers.

F.U.N.C Recycle Amount[]

The Man Tracker can be recycled for 10 F.U.N.C..