The Culling Wiki
Damage 7-22
Throw Damage 6-21
Type Spear
Wound Pierce
Speed Rating ***
Wound Intensity *
Tier 2
Recycles for 10

The Javelin is a tier 2 spear in The Culling that is often compared to its tier 2 spear counterpart, the Pike. The javelin does slightly more damage than the pike, but the pike has a higher wound intensity. Because of it's high speed, the javelin is a very good early weapon overall, and is especially effective at shredding any armor your opponents might have, keeping its value into mid game as well. Also due to its high throwing damage, it is very effective for the perk golden arm

The Javelin can be found in early-game airdrops, the Golden Arm airdrop, item crates, and lockers.