The Culling Wiki

We are looking to expand our team of admins and moderators, so if you would like a position as one, feel free to apply. But before doing so, make sure you read and understand our goals for The Culling Wiki as an admin team. This wiki is purely to serve the community, and having a strong team with the same goals is extremely important for that.

Administrative Goals[]

  • Enthusiasm
    • Enthusiasm is the #1 most important thing for me in an admin. Passion for both the game and the community is what drives us to take time out of our day to care for the wiki.
  • Less is More
    • Anyone who has ever moderated anything before will tell you that less is more. Micro-managing the wiki destroys enthusiasm and creativity among the community, and this is the last thing we want.
  • Basic HTML Knowledge
    • Being able to edit not just text but formatting as well is requirement for all admin and moderation staff. This is only very basic HTML and CSS coding, which can still be easily learned without any previous knowledge. If you don't know how to do basic coding, don't let this discourage you from submitting an application. I can teach you the practical coding used in this wiki; it is only a small amount and is very easy to learn.
  • Attentiveness to Our Users
    • Here at The Culling Wiki we strive to address and attempt to resolve feedback from all users in a timely manner. As an admin, one of our greatest jobs is taking care of our users when they reach out to us.

How to Apply[]

You can apply by simply contacting me either through my talk page or by messaging me on reddit. You don't have to be formal in the application, but include some reasons why you think you should be an admin, and I'll ask you some questions as well. If you have any past experience in being an admin for another wiki/website, please include this as well.