The Culling Wiki

Gas Tanks (or Pylons) are map objects in The Culling that look like big green glass containers. They have predetermined spawn locations, and each location has a chance to spawn each game. Gas tanks are filled with a poisonous gas and can be used for crafting, area of denial, and in map events.


Contestants can activate a gas tank, rewarding them with 5 F.U.N.C. (7 if using Moneybags) and causing the tank to beep for a few seconds before releasing a large ring of gas. For the first 30 seconds, the gas will expand rapidly, and for the next 30 seconds it will expand much slower, until the gas finally dies out 1 minute after use.

You can also activate a gas tank by dealing 25 damage to it, and while this is quicker than activating it, it does not give you 5 F.U.N.C.. The tank will then immediately activate without beeping, giving the contestants no time to run away if they stand right beside it.

Gas tanks can also be activated with the center killswitch, a map event which causes a button to spawn in the culmination. When this button is pressed, it activates all gas tanks on the map, giving contestants no warning beforehand.


Gas tanks can also be used for crafting. The items crafted with gas tanks are:

Punji Sticks[]
Smoke Bomb[]
Gas Grenade[]
Blowgun Darts[]