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Explosive Barrels (or red barrels) are map objects in The Culling. They have predetermined spawn locations, and each location has a chance to spawn each game. Explosive barrels are filled with an explosive substance and can be used for crafting and dealing damage to nearby enemies.


Contestants can detonate a explosive barrel by dealing 10 damage to it. Doing so will reward them with 5 F.U.N.C. and will cause the barrel to explode, dealing 25 damage and applying bleed * and cripple ****. While detonating a barrel can be very useful for dealing damage if an enemy walks to close to it during combat, while crafting you have to also have be wary of a nearby enemy shooting it.


Explosive barrels can be used for crafting. The items crafted with explosive barrels are:

Crafted Explosive[]

You cant refill ammo now