Crafted Snares are a trip wire trap which deals 10 damage and ensares your opponent if they walk through it. If trapped, your opponent will remain ensnared until hit or he breaks out (which takes 5 seconds to do). Even while trapped, your opponent can still hit, block, and shove, so make sure not to attack him front the front. Crafted snares can be avoided by jumping over or crouching through them, so they are most effective when hidden. They can also be picked up by enemies and destroyed by explosives or bring hit. They can be crafted with Caltrops and a rock, and costs 6 F.U.N.C..

F.U.N.C Recycle Amount

Crafted Snares can be recycled for 1 F.U.N.C. per snare, resulting in 4 F.U.N.C. when unsused.

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