The Culling Wiki
Crafted Bow
Damage 6-12
Maximum Ammunition 24
Type Bow
Wound N/A
Speed Rating N/A
Wound Intensity N/A
Tier 1
Recycles for 6

The Crafted Bow is a ranged crafted bow in The Culling. It can be crafted by combining a branch and either a crafted spear, crafted hatchet, or a crafted cudgel. It is the least powerful bow, but is excellent at gaining a slight advantage on your opponent by getting come damage done before they reach you. Damage taken from the crafted bow can be reduced by 50% by blocking. Like it's big brothers, drawing an arrow with the crafted bow uses stamina. An additional 6 arrows can be crafted with a branch for 3 F.U.N.C., and it can hold 18 arrows in total.