The Culling Wiki
Compound Bow
Damage 10-20
Maximum Ammunition 18
Type Bow
Wound N/A
Speed Rating N/A
Wound Intensity N/A
Tier 3
Recycles for 25

The Compound Bow is a ranged bow in The Culling. It is the most powerful bow, being able to deal massive damage before your opponent even reaches you—but be careful, drawing an arrow uses stamina. When fully drawn, the compound bow deals 18 damage. However damage taken from the compound bow can be reduced by 50% by blocking. An additional 6 arrows can be crafted with a branch for 10 F.U.N.C., and it can hold 18 arrows in total.

The Compound Bow can be found in Mid-game ranged airdrops, explosive crates, and holo spawners.