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Caltrops are an easy to make area of effect trap. They can be thrown on the ground and will cover a small area of ground with annoying spikes, which will inflict bleed * and cripple * to opponents as they walk over them—however, they can be avoided by crouching over them, or destroyed by being hit or with explosives. If you walk over them, you will have immunity to them for 3 full seconds. If you walk over more caltrops during this immunity period, they will be destroyed as well. Caltrops are very easy to craft, and are very effective for chasing, fleeing, or just simply denying your opponent freedom to move around in one area. They can be crafted with a branch and a rock, and costs 6 F.U.N.C.. They can also be used to craft crafted snares.

F.U.N.C Recycle Amount[edit | edit source]

Caltrops can be recycled for 3 F.U.N.C.