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Baseball Bat
Damage 8-24
Throw Damage 6-18
Type Bludgeon
Wound Weakness
Speed Rating **
Wound Intensity ***
Tier 3
Recycles for 25

The Baseball Bat is a tier 3 bludgeon in The Culling. It is often compared to its counterpart, the Pipe wrench, which is the only other tier 3 bludgeon. The difference between these two is that the Pipe wrench is much slower but has a higher damage output and focuses on a heavy, hard-hitting playstyle, while the baseball bat is much faster but deals less damage and caters to a very fast playstyle. While the baseball bat doesn't create the raw damage that the Pipe Wrench does, it compensates for it with is high weapon speed and versatility.

The Baseball Bat can be found in Airdrops, |Blue Crates explosive crates.