The Culling Wiki

The Alarm Gun is a ranged utility item which does not deal damage and can hold only one shot at a time. If you shoot someone with it, for one minute they will begin to emit a white blinking light and make very loud radio sounds that can be heard from a great distance. This makes tracking down fleeing opponents much easier, or if they do manage to run away, they'll become an easy target for another player. When shot, the alarm gun also causes the victim to stagger slightly, which is useful for catching someone right as they start to flee from a fight. However, the alarm gun does not have the effect on contestants who have the perk Inhuman. More ammo can be crafted with a rock for 10 F.U.N.C.

The Alarm Gun can be found in the Tracker airdrop, as well as in lockers.

F.U.N.C Recycle Amount[]

The Alarm Gun can be recycled for 15 F.U.N.C..