The Culling Wiki

Airdrops are packaged or customizable sets of weaponstraps, and items. Each contestant can select a single personal airdrop before each match and is allowed to call it in from any of the airdrop pads around the island by paying its required amount of F.U.N.C..

Keep in mind that calling for an airdrop has high chances of drawing undesired attention. Players must also be aware that their airdrops takes 45 seconds to arrive once the pad is activated (unless you have the Load Dropper perk equipped). They must wait for and protect their incoming airdrop from opponents that may try to kill them and steal it. Contestants can however cause their airdrop to drop early by shooting or throwing any kind of item at it while the drone is still airborne. This is extremely useful to get your airdrop faster or capture an enemy's airdrop as airdrops will usually fly once over the whole map while arriving.


Name F.U.N.C. Content
Addict 125 Orange Juice, Hemo Blast, Hemo Drip, Stealthy Stim
Archer 85 Recurve Bow, X-plosive Runs, Lung Butter
Bait Crate 70 Explodes when opened, deals up to 50 damage.
Bandito 175 SMG, Remote Explosive
Boar Hunter 115 Survival Spear (x2), X-plosive Runs, Backpack
Carjacker 70 Crowbar, Remote Explosive
Chef 85 Cleaver, Crafted Armor, MuscleMan Milk, Pepper Spray
Chimney Sweep 85 Pike, Steel Snare, Smoke Bomb (x2)
Climber 80 Ice Axe, Backpack, Steel Snare, Pepper Spray
Commando 155 Compound Bow, Impact Grenade, Bowie Knife
Cyclops 135 Trident, Body Armor, Steel Snare
Dwarf 155 Fire Axe, Dynamite, Iron-4-Skin
Guerilla 75 Machete, Explosive Mine, Crafted Punji Sticks (x2)
Hawks Eye 100 Compound Bow, Smoke Bomb, Gas Grenade
Hoodlum 115 Brass Knuckles, Iron-4-Skin, Crafted Satchel
Hunter 175 Alarm Gun, Man Tracker, Rifle
Javelineer 75 Javelin (x3), Crafted Satchel
Juggler 120 Tomahawk (x3), Backpack
Lizzie 110 Survival Axe, Backpack, MuscleMan Milk, Hemo Drip
Lumberjack Event-Only Chainsaw, Iron-4-Skin, Lung Butter
Medic 140 Backpack, Med Kit, Hemo Blast, Body Armor
Ninja 130 Katana, Crafted Smoke Bomb (x2), Crafted Caltrops
Pirate 145 Sabre, .357 Magnum
Plumber 105 Pipe Wrench, Iron-4-Skin, MuscleMan Milk, Crafted Explosive
Polecat 130 Trident, Survival Spear, Yari
Police 185 .357 Magnum, Tonfa, Body Armor
Pothead 95 Steel Pipe, Orange Juice, Crafted Explosive
Sapper 205 Dynamite (x3), Iron-4-Skin
Self Defense 80 Pepper Spray, Crafted Satchel, Stun Gun
Slugger 80 Baseball Bat, MuscleMan Milk, X-plosive Runs
Smuggler 75 Sabre, Backpack, Man Tracker
Sniper 175 Rifle, Explosive Mine
Stalker 95 Kukri, Man Tracker , Stun Gun
Surprise Me! - You are assigned a random airdrop at match start.
Survivalist 140 Tactical Machete, Body Armor, Med Kit, Lung Butter
S.W.A.T 200 SMG, Body Armor, Crafted Smoke Bomb
Swiss Guard 130 Yari, Body Armor, Hemo Blast, Iron-4-Skin
The Imp 105 Auto Bow, Crafted Armor, Tomahawk, Iron-4-Skin
Thief 90 Bowie Knife, Pepper Spray, Backpack, Steel Snare
Tough 145 Sledgehammer, Body Armor, Iron-4-Skin
Trapper 85 Steel Snare, Steel Caltrops, Explosive Mine, Steel Punji Sticks
Viking 80 Tomahawk, Crafted Armor, MuscleMan Milk